3 Ideas For When Your Prayer Life Feels Dull

It happens sometimes…sometimes, my zeal for prayer wanes cold. If your prayer life happens to be feeling dull at the moment, check out my three ideas below for spicing up your prayer habits.


It’s no secret around here that I love worship music (you can read more about that here). Recently, I tried writing out song lyrics as a way of prompting myself to pray, and it worked beautifully. I wrote out the lyrics to “What Wondrous Love Is This” stanza by stanza and then wrote out a prayer beneath each set of lines.

Here’s an example from my journal:

“And when from death I’m free, I’ll sing on, I’ll sing on. And when from death I’m free, I’ll sing on. And when from death I’m free, I’ll sing and joyful be, and through eternity, I’ll sing on. And through eternity, I’ll sing on.

A while back, it brought me much joy to realize that even though many good things which I experience now will eventually fade away, worship will not. Worship is eternal. Truly, I have no less days to sing God’s praise than when I’d first begun. What a glorious truth to think upon. One day, I will be completely free from sin, death, and the power of the devil. Because of Christ, I am already free from the penalty of sin and the power of those things, but in glory, I will be free from their presence altogether. I can only imagine, for I already adore worship and singing so much…oh, I can only imagine how this glorified soul will sing!”

You can do this with your favorite worship song, or you can try it with a hymn like I did. I’m a big fan of contemporary Christian music, but hymns are often longer and typically richer, theologically speaking (certainly not always…many a contemporary Christian song has brought me to my knees with its accuracy and beauty…but simply as a rule of thumb).


The A.C.T.S. method of prayer is an organizational acrostic, with the letters standing for “adoration,” “confession,” “thanksgiving,” and “supplication.”

It’s a helpful tool to organize personal prayers, but I also recommend trying it with a partner. A few months ago, my fiancé and I tried this for the first time and quickly deemed it the best extended time of prayer we had shared.

Doing the A.C.T.S. method of prayer with another person looks like this: person A prays a prayer of adoration, person B does likewise, person A confesses their sins to the Lord, person B does the same, person A gives thanks to God for His wonderful blessings, person B thanks Him also, and finally, person A lifts up their requests to the Lord, and person B does too.


I can imagine what you’re thinking. A concept map…really?! But don’t knock it til’ you try it.

A few nights ago, I was trying to pray and was having a difficult time focusing. My voice kept trailing off after, “Dear Lord, thank You for this day and for…” I simply couldn’t finish. My mind was racing at about a million miles per hour and I couldn’t focus. In an effort to remedy this, I sat down with a piece of paper and a few colored pens and started making a concept map. You can chalk it up to my academically wired brain, but it worked for me.

Even if you think that making a prayer concept map is an odd idea, I’d encourage it, especially for visual learners. It allows you to draw arrows from specific confessions to specific promises of grace and to write out your prayer requests systematically. Like I said, don’t knock it til’ you try it.

If you enjoyed this post and would like additional ideas about ways to spend time with the Lord, click here! Also, if you have any unique devotional routines or spiritual habits that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “3 Ideas For When Your Prayer Life Feels Dull

  1. I’m glad you’ve found that way of strengthening your prayer life. Another benefit to writing out our prayers is that we can go back and read them and meditate on God’s faithfulness in answering them. I’ve heard it said that God answers our prayers in one of three ways: “yes,” “not yet,” or “I have something better in mind.” What a kind and gracious Father we serve!


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