10 Fun Facts About My Fiancé and I

This isn’t one of my traditional blog posts, but I figured that it’d be fun to share ten facts about my fiancé and I today. Enjoy the short and light read, friends!

1.) We met in a History and Literature of the Old Testament class at our university when I was a freshman and he was a senior. For our first date, he took me out to coffee and then to an art gallery.


Unfortunately, we don’t have any photos from our early days together. There’s a recent one for you though.

2.) We broke up just three weeks after that first date. It wasn’t until eight months had passed that we decided to pursue our relationship again.


3.) The majority of our relationship has been long-distance. The ratio is six months to thirteen months, roughly.


4.) We’ve cultivated a habit of asking each other the same six questions every Friday. You can read more about that here.


5.) According to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, I’m an INFJ and he’s an INTJ. Even though we’re only one letter apart, we have substantial (but complimentary) personality differences.


6.) The months between our most recent Christmas break and spring break were a difficult but fruitful growing season for us.


7.) We write letters to each other during seasons of long-distance. There’s something extra sweet about snail mail from someone you love.


8.) We both have a serious sweet tooth.



Believe me, there were many candidates for the sweet tooth photo.

9.) I can outlast him in a cardio barré class any day, but he’s much more impressive than I am in the weight room at the gym.


10.) Some of our favorite pastimes include going on walks or hikes, having deep conversations, and spending time with our families and friends. It’s a dream of ours to one day be avid stargazers.


There you have it…ten fun facts about my fiancé and I! If you enjoyed reading this post, check out this one too!


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